Lyndsay Hayhurst

Current Projects

Lyndsay's current research focuses on two projects funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grants. 

Lyndsay Hayhurst Research

Bicycles for Development

Lyndsay Hayhurst is a Principal Investigator (co-investigators are Brian Wilson, Brad Millington and Rob Vanwysenberghe), on a study titled Cycling Against Poverty? Researching a Sport for Development Movement and an ‘Object’ in/for Development (2016-2021). This project focuses on the use of non-human objects and technologies in sport for development and peace – in particular, the bicycle – as possible catalysts for development.

Privatized Aid and Sport for Development in Indigenous Communities

Natural Resource Development, Privatized Aid, Sport and Development: A Comparison of Canada and Australia (2015-2020, Principal Investigator - Audrey Giles, co-investigators Steven Rynne and Tony Rossi) investigates how the politics of privatized aid provided by the extractives sector shapes domestic sport-focused health and development interventions that target Indigenous communities in Canada and Australia.