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Articles Published in Refereed Journals

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Millington, R., Hayhurst, L.M.C., Giles, A. & Rynne, S. (Accepted). ‘Back in the day, you really just opened your mine…and on you went’: Extractives industry executives’ perspectives on funding sport for development programs in Indigenous communities in Canada. Journal of Sport Management.

McSweeney, M.J., Millington, B., Hayhurst, L.M.C., Wilson, B., Ardizzi, M., and Otte, J. (Accepted). “The actual use of them is complex”: Actor -network theory, the bicycle, and other non-human actors in international development. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. 

van Lujik, N., Millington, R., Frigault, J, Giles, A. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (Forthcoming). “It’s like, we are thankful. But in the other way…they are just killing us too”: Community members’ perspectives of the extractives industry’s funding of recreational and cultural programmes in Fort McKay, Alberta. Leisure/Loisir.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. & del Socorro Cruz Centeno, L. (2019). “We Are Prisoners in Our Own Homes”: Connecting the Environment, Gender-based Violence and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights to Sport for Development and Peace in Nicaragua. Sustainability, 11(16), 4485.

Millington, R., Giles, A., Hayhurst, L.M.C., van Luijk, N., & McSweeney, M. (2019, online first). ‘Calling out’ corporate Redwashing: The extractives industry, corporate social responsibility and sport for development in Indigenous communities in Canada. Sport in Society

McSweeney, M.J.,Kikulis, L.,Thibault,L.,Hayhurst, L.M.C., & van Ingen, C. (2019, online first). Maintaining and disrupting global-North hegemony/global-South dependence in a local African sport for development organization: The role of institutional work. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. doi: 10.1080/19406940.2018.1550797

Gardam, K., Giles, A., Rynne, S. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2018). A Comparison of Indigenous Sport for Development Policy Directives in Canada and Australia. aboriginal policy studies7(2), 29-46.

Thorpe, H., Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Chawansky, M. (Forthcoming). ‘Once my relatives see me on social media it will be very bad’: The Ethics of Organizational Representations of Sporting Girls from the Global South. Sociology of Sport Journal.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. (Forthcoming). Image-ining Resistance: Using Postcolonial Feminist Participatory Action Research and Visual Research Methods in Sport for Development and Peace. Third World Thematics.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Sundstrom, L. & Arksey, E. (Forthcoming). Navigating Norms: Charting Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Sexual Health Rights through Global-Local Sport for Development and Peace Relations in Nicaragua. Sociology of Sport Journal.

Gardham, K., Giles, A. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (Forthcoming). Sport for Development for Aboriginal Youth in Canada: A Scoping Review. Journal of Sport for Development.

Gardham, K., Giles, A. & Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2017). Understanding the privatization of funding for sport for development in the Northwest Territories: A Foucauldian analysis. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. doi: 10.1080/19406940.2017.1310742.

Hayhurst, L.M.C. & Szto, C. (2016). Corporatizating activism through sport-focused social justice?: Investigating Nike’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives in Sport for Development and Peace.  Journal of Sport & Social Issues.

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Hayhurst, L.M.C. (2016). Sport for Development and Peace: A Call for Transnational, Multi-Sited, Postcolonial Feminist Research.Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise & Health. doi: 10.1080/2159676X.2015.1056824.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., Giles, A.R., Radforth, W. & The Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (2015). “I want to come here to prove them wrong”: Using a Postcolonial Feminist Participatory Action Research (PFPAR) approach to studying Sport, Gender and Development programs for urban Indigenous young women. Sport in Society. doi: 10.1080/17430437.2014.997585.

Hayhurst, L.M.C., MacNeill, M., Kidd, B. & Knoppers, A. (2014). Gender-based violence and Sport for Development and Peace: Questions, concerns and cautions emerging from Uganda. Women’s Studies International Forum, 47, 157-167.

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