Lyndsay Hayhurst

Currently Funded Projects

Lyndsay's current research focuses on four projects funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Canada (SSHRC) Insight Grants.

Lyndsay Hayhurst Research

Wheels of Change

“Wheels of Change”: Exploring ‘Bicycles for Development’ for Women and Girls in the (Post-)Pandemic Contexts of Canada, Uganda and Nicaragua’” (2021-2026; Role: Principal Investigator - Co-Is: Brian Wilson, University of British Columbia; Francine Darroch, Carleton University; Brad Millington, Brock University; Cathy van Ingen, Brock University).

Exploring the Utility of Virtual Trauma-and Violence-Informed Sport for Development

“Exploring the Utility of Virtual Trauma-and Violence-Informed Sport for Development (TVISFD) Programs with Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment’s LaunchPad in Moss Park, Toronto: A community-based participatory approach” (2021-2023; Role: Principal Investigator - Co-Is: Francine Darroch, Carleton University; Marika Warner, MLSE LaunchPad).

Sport for Reconciliation

“A Comparative Exploration of Sport for Reconciliation in Indigenous Communities in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.” (2020-2025; Role: Co-Investigator - PI: Audrey Giles, University of Ottawa; Co-Is: Dan Henhawk, University of Manitoba; Rochelle Stewart-Withers, Massey University, New Zealand; Steven Rynne, Queensland University, Australia).

I am a Co-Investigator on a SSHRC IG that explores sport for reconciliation (SFR) – or the use of sport as a means to promote reconciliation between Indigenous and settler peoples (2020-2025, PI – Dr. Audrey Giles, Co-Is, Dr. Dan Henawk, Steven Rynne, Dr. Rochelle Stewart-Withers, and Dr. Jeremy Hapeta). Despite this proliferation of and increased investments in SFR initiatives in Canada, Australia, and Aotearoa, there has been a dearth of scholarly investigation into this area -- a gap to which our international research team of Indigenous and settler scholars will attend. To address these issues, the objectives of our research are as follows: 1) to understand the prominent positioning of sport as a site for reconciliation by governments, NGOs, professional sports, and the private sector in Canada, Australia, and Aotearoa; 2) to understand the coverage and impact (or lack thereof) of associated policies and practices to advance culturally informed efforts in SFR; and 3) to conduct research that is itself founded on principles of reconciliation.

Strengthening Practices: Trauma- and Violence-Informed Physical Activity

“Strengthening Practices: Trauma-and Violence-Informed Physical Activity.” (2020-2025; Role: Co-Investigator - PI: Francine Darroch, Carleton University, Co-I’s: Paul Peters (GIS) Health Sciences and Geography, Carleton University).

This SSHRC IG, on which I am a Co-Investigator (2020-2025, PI – Dr. Francine Darroch, Co-I Dr. Paul Peters), uses community-based participatory research (CBPR) to develop a novel approach to address physical inactivity and assess inequities amongst highly marginalized pregnant and/or parenting women who are affected by violence and trauma. Despite the evidence forbenefits of physical activity, inequities exist surrounding physical activity access and uptake.Trauma- and violence-informed physical activity (TViPA) is a strategy which accounts for the understandings of trauma and violence within all phases of program creation and implementation. The application of trauma- and violence-informed practice to physical activity has been identified as a powerful tool to develop appropriate physical activity programming and resources for individuals who experience marginalizing circumstances. Guided by the theory of intersectionality, this CBPR will focus on addressing physical activity inequities within marginalized communities located in Vancouver and Ottawa.

Past Funded Projects

Bicycles for Development (2016-2021)

I was a Principal Investigator (co-investigators were Dr. Brian Wilson, Dr. Brad Millington and Dr. Rob Vanwysenberghe), on a study titled Cycling Against Poverty? Researching a Sport for Development Movement and an ‘Object’ in/for Development (2016-2021). This project focused on the use of non-human objects and technologies in sport for development and peace – in particular, the bicycle – as possible catalysts for development. Publications emerging from this grant are featured in International Sociology of Sport Journal and Sociology of Sport Journal.

Privatized Aid and Sport for Development in Indigenous Communities (2015-2020)

I was a Co-investigator on a SSHRC IG titled, ‘Natural Resource Development, Privatized Aid, Sport and Development: A Comparison of Canada and Australia’ (2015-2020, Principal Investigator – Dr. Audrey Giles, Co-Investigators Dr. Steven Rynne and Dr. Tony Rossi). This project investigated how the politics of privatized aid provided by the extractives sector shapes domestic sport-focused health and development interventions that target Indigenous communities in Canada and Australia. Publications emerging from this grant are featured in Aboriginal Policy Studies, Leisure/Loisir and Sociology of Sport Journal.